Scholarships Sponsors 2019

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2019 WCOPA Scholarships (Presented by Worldstars™) 

New York Film Academy (NYFA)

$350,000 Partial Scholarship/Tuition Discount

$30,000 Full Year Tuition Scholarship towards one year Acting for Film Conservatory Program Los Angeles

Recipients -

1 Year Full Tuition -

Verity Howells - New Zealand

LT - (10,000 per year)

Berite Labelle Ngadande - Switzerland

Emma Sarginson - United Kingdom

Taylah Albert - Australia

Michaela Schwarzenauer - Australia

Alexa Shahim - South Africa

Cassidy Sykes - Australia

Hannah Zieziula - Germany

Regina Lampl - Australia

Rodrigo Montenegro - Guatamala

Ayleen Salguero - Guatamala

Asemohle Malotana - South Africa

Warona Ramphele - South Africa

Eben Oosthuizen - South Africa

Amy Talbot - Australia

Indiana Savery - Australia

Dawit De Koning - Netherlands

Chelsea Andell - Trinidad and Tobago

Rushell Malcolm - Jamaica

Christian Andell - Trinidad and Tobago

Jordy Van Leeuwen - Netherlands

ST- (25% off short term programs)

Varun Madan - United States

Maria Hannah Tubal - Philippines

Teresa Stadler - Germany

Luzanne Herbst - South Africa

Johny Lochner - South Africa

Giuliano Comia - Philippines

Arielle Fina Abrazaldo - Canada

Ludvig Karmalm - Sweden

Igor Ejmont - Australia

Finn Utermark - Germany

John Wallace Tublade - Philippines

Lethabo Manasoe - South Africa

Naledi Kuneni - Namibia

Shelby Delaney - United States

Raena Brignoni - United States

Carina Olsson - Norway

Kaylin Elizebeth Schafer - Australia

Gerry Esko - Guatamala

Maheva Raelison - France

Marc Williams - Indasoul Entertainment

Indasoul Entertainment will write and produce a full song.  Inclusive of studio time, producer costs, engineering costs, mix down and editing. Indasoul will also assist with the release and marketing of said composition.  Value:  $10,000

Recipient -

Verity Howells, New Zealand

Manny Mijares - Upscale Records

One song production & recording deal which will include:

Establishing your genre & music preference

Creating customized tracks

Writing & producing your demo

Value $10,000

Recipient -

Maheva Raelison, France

Jeffrey Weber - Starrk Raving Group

Ten (10), one hour, in-depth consultations.  Total value: $25,000

Each one hour consultation will be devoted to creating a plan specifically designed to elevate the career potential of the recipient.  We evaluate material, vocal ability, musicianship and the management expectations, thus creating career development perspectives that allow the performer to excel. The consultation is designed to offer insights and options to assist the sustainability of each performers career.

Recipients -

Karina Cristina Benaleazar - Austria

Zellah May Luague - Canada

Alessia Boccuto - Italy

Eliska Hagia - Indonesia

Dirja Lekas - South Africa

Zamara Reyes - United States

Carmelle Collado - Philippines

Triple Charm - United States

Romane Campain - France

Chelsea Snow Doud - United States

Eugene Biscardi

2 Photoshoots for Dance Spirit Magazine

Recipients -

Sarah Gray, Australia ($500)

Gabriella Brignoni, South Africa ($500)

Millennium Dance Complex


Recipients -

Keegan Barnes, South Africa $500

Donoven Havenga, South Africa $500